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Douglas Freeley, MD, and Natalia Lazar combined their expertise to create the foundation of exceptional and balanced care at their modern and innovative Medical Spa. Dr. Freeley and Natalia typically work together as a team. Mutual respect for each other's professional expertise increases their synergistic energy, providing optimal results for every patient.

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EYE CARE & MEDSPA Services in Naples

Naples Vision of Beauty services

Opus Plasma

Featuring Alma’s proprietary high frequency, unipolar technology, the Opus system's Opus Plasma® handpiece is the first-of-its-kind Fractional Plasma® technology to enter the skin resurfacing market. This novel solution addresses superficial to complex textural and skin-quality concerns that are traditionally corrected with conventional fractional resurfacing lasers or full-field ablative resurfacing lasers, but with less downtime and a higher safety profile.

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Alma Opus Machine

Significantly Less Downtime Offer the results of an ablative treatment with significantly less downtime

Targeted Treatments Opus offers a selection of varying tip options designed for precision

Fast & Effective Treatments Full-face treatments can be completed in as little as 10-15 minutes

Results that Resonate with Patients Offer visible results after as few as one treatment, with optimal results after a completed series (2-3 treatments)

Botox & Fillers


  • Shape & Lift Brow
  • Soften Forehead Lines
  • Improve Frown Lines
  • Diminish Crows Feet

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Botox 20 units for $175


  • Improve Dark Circles
  • Enhance Volume in Cheeks
  • Restore Volume & Shape to Lips
  • Reshape Jowl Line

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any 1 syringe of filler

$100 off

Botox & Fillers

Trusted Treatments

The only treatment FDA approved to temporarily improve moderate to severe facial lines. Predictable results with quick 10 minute treatments. Get fast results within 48 hours.

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new patient special

any 1 syringe of filler

$100 off

new patient special

Botox 20 units for $175

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evolve tite RF (radiofrequency) energy delivers heat to remodel the skin and improve it's appearance.


evolve tone EMS ( electrical muscle stimulation) is used to induce muscle contractions, which help to sculpt the muscle over time.

evolve abdomen


evolve buttock


evolve thighs


evolve upper arms

upper arms

hands-free body remodeling

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Evoke Neck

evoke neck Evoke Neck is the industry’s first hands-free applicator designed specifically to address the neck and submental areas.

Evoke Face

evoke face Evoke Face is the industry’s first hands-free applicator designed specifically to address cheeks and jowls.

evoke cheeks


evoke jawline


evoke neck


hands-free facial remodeling

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
brown spot Treatment

  • Results a few days after treatment
  • Improved skin appearance with first session
  • Minimally invasive
lumecca age spots

age spots

sun damage

sun damage




This advanced laser hair removal procedure safely and gently eliminates unwanted body hair. The Diolaze XL's combination of efficacy, patient comfort and speed makes this procedure a gold standard in laser hair removal. Typically four to six sessions are necessary, as this treatment works best when hair follicles, which grow at various stages, are in their mature stage.

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Laser Hair Removal

6 Treatments for $600

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