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Cosmetic procedures may not be on the top of your holiday gift list but maybe it is something you should consider.

It could be a gift that you ask for from someone you love, a gift you give yourself, or one you give to someone. If it’s a gift you give, be careful who you give it to.

The key to giving a gift certificate for cosmetic procedures is to make sure the person wants it. If your spouse, partner or someone in your family has always wanted a procedure but wouldn’t spend the money on themselves, it can be a great gift. You are helping them do something for themselves.

However, if you suggest a cosmetic procedure to someone who hasn’t mentioned it, you could be celebrating the holidays alone. You wouldn’t want to tell your wife or girlfriend that you are giving them Botox injections for the holidays if they didn’t talk about it. Don’t use a gift as a way to tell someone you think they need cosmetic treatments.

Even if you know someone would appreciate you paying for or contributing to a cosmetic procedure, be thoughtful in the way you present it.

Give yourself a gift

If you want help paying for a cosmetic procedure as a holiday gift, let your loved ones know. Your spouse and other family members want to see you happy so they will support you. Let them know what you want done, what kind of treatment and tell them why. They may be happy to help you pay for treatments that will make you feel better about yourself.

It’s fine, too, for  you to give yourself the gift of a cosmetic procedure you’ve always wanted.

If you or someone you know is interested in cosmetic procedures in Naples, FL, schedule a free consultation. You can also give Naples Vision of Beauty a call and we can help you with a gift certificate. Call 239-777-6435.

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