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You’ve probably heard skincare experts talk about exfoliation, but you might be wondering exactly what it is and why it’s so important. This is a step you shouldn’t skip in your skincare routine because it helps keep your skin clean and vibrant.

Exfoliation treatments offered in Naples, FLWhat is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process of removing the top layer of dead skin cells from your face or other parts of your body.

Why is it important?

Exfoliation is very important for keeping your skin clean and bright. Removing the top layer of dead skin cells prevents them from clogging pores, and reveals the layer of bright newer skin cells underneath.

This process prevents acne by removing dirt and debris that may be clogging pores, and it also can make fine lines and other signs of aging less noticeable. If you have dark spots or scars on your face, regular exfoliation can help reduce their appearance by removing the darkest layer of skin cells to reveal lighter ones underneath.

Exfoliating will also help your other skincare products absorb more effectively because they won’t have to penetrate a layer of dead skin cells.

How to exfoliate

There are two different ways you can exfoliate your skin — physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants have small beads or other small, hard pieces that scrub against your skin, physically separating the dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliants, as the name implies, contain chemicals like acids which will remove dead skin cells.

Some people prefer one or the other, depending on the sensitivity of their skin, so it’s helpful to try both and see which works best for you. Exfoliating happens as part of your cleansing routine. You should remove your makeup with a gentle cleanser first, and then use your exfoliant. Scrub gently — you don’t need to be too abrasive, as the exfoliant will do the work for you.

It’s also good to talk to a professional about what’s right for your skin type. You can schedule an appointment at Naples Vision of Beauty for facials and other treatments to help rejuvenate your skin. We also offer a variety of products you can use. We are happy to make a recommendation for the best product for you. Call 239-777-6435.


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