Eye Care Services

eye care services

  • comprehensive eye exams
  • laser treatments
  • eye lid surgery
  • adult strabismus surgery
  • glaucoma treatments
  • macular degeneration treatments
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Why choose Naples Vision of Beauty for your eye exam? Douglas Freeley, MD's ophthalmology practice offers each patient individualized care utilizing the latest technology to evaluate eye health as well as total well-being. He believes that all aspects of one's health must be considered when treating the eyes, as they are windows to the entire body. Forty years of experience as a medical eye doctor has created the foundation of compassionate and unrushed care, which he gives each patient. From examination to diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Freeley desires to become a vital part of your health team, utilizing your health history as your guide toward optimal health.

eye care services

NVOB's Ophthalmology Services range from general eye exams to eye disease diagnoses to corrective surgeries. We treat your eyes as an integral part of your body. Conditions such as dry eyes, excessive tearing, lid infections, floaters, and baggy or droopy eyelids are common issues. Our goal is to help your eyes be your body's mirror of health. Our office staff works with your medical insurance.

Unlike an optometrist, an ophthalmologist is a medical doctor. Dr. Freeley's practice focuses on treating medical conditions of the eyes. He also performs lid surgeries, strabismus surgery, and laser surgery for glaucoma.

Many eyelid conditions are both cosmetic as well as functional. Our staff works with your insurance company to obtain reimbursement for these conditions whenever possible. As a patient at NVOB Eye Health, you can trust Dr. Freeley's extensive background as an eye care physician and know that your care is of the highest professional level.

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Eye Exams with Dr. Douglas Freeley, MD

Regular eye exams to evaluate your vision and check for potential eye disease are essential. Dr. Freeley conducts visual exams and utilizes high-tech equipment for a comprehensive evaluation. He discusses the health of your eyes as well as the quality of your vision during your appointment. If there are other issues that need to be addressed, Dr. Freeley will discuss all your issues and options and an individual treatment plan will then be created.

key benefits:


GLAUCOMA EXAMS AND TREATMENT - Glaucoma is caused by an increase in the pressure in the eye. It will effect 1 of every 25 people. There are usually no symptoms and it can only be diagnosed by an eye exam. Treatments include drops and, when necessary, laser surgery.


PLAQUENIL EXAMS - Many people use the drug Plaquenil for several autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Frequent complete eye exams including visual field testing should be performed several times a year.


DIABETIC RETINOPATHY EXAMS - All patients who have been diagnosed with any type of diabetes should have a dilated eye exam at least annually. Early diagnosis is critical to prevent vision loss.

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Eye Condition Treatments & Surgery

We provide laser treatments for glaucoma and for treatment after cataracts have been removed. We specialize in dry eyes and excessive tearing. For our glaucoma patients, we provide laser treatments to help the drain fluid in your eye, which can help to lower the pressure in your eye. This treatment prevents and slows nerve damage associated with glaucoma.

UPPER AND LOWER LID SURGERIES If you have droopy eyelids or excess skin, it could be impacting your vision. We can tighten the skin around the eyes improving your line of sight and you get the added benefit of looking younger. This procedure is also known as blepharoplasty.

ADULT STRABISMUS SURGERY This procedure performed on eyes that are not properly aligned. Strabismus surgery helps correct this eyesight problem and restores your field of vision. Adult strabismus is covered by all medical insurance plans.

Look Younger, See Better

A blepharoplasty is a type of cosmetic procedure that tightens the skin around the eyes, focusing in particular on the eyelids. Also known as an eye lift, this lid surgery will reduce the droopiness from the lower eyelids and eliminate extra skin from the upper eyelids. This surgery is often done for cosmetic reasons, but it can also fix sight problems caused by eyelid skin drooping down over the field of vision. After blepharoplasty, your eyes will look brighter and full of vitality.

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Benefits Of Blepharoplasty

Benefits Of Blepharoplasty

upper lid Excess skin of the upper lids decreases our peripheral vision, making it more difficult to keep our lids fully open. It can also push our eyelashes into the eyes. By removing the excess skin (and fat when indicated), these issues are eliminated.

We perform this procedure in the office. It takes approximately 45 minutes. Sutures are removed in 5-7 days, and some bruising may last for 10 days. Ice is used for the first 48 hours to reduce swelling and bruising. Most general daily activities are permitted the day after surgery, including showering.

lower lidExcess skin and looseness of the lower lid can cause the lid to sag and for the lashes to either turn in rubbing the eye, or for tearing to occur. By removing any excess skin and fat and tightening the lid, these problems are eliminated.

This procedure is performed either in the office or surgical center as an outpatient procedure. Surgical time ranges from 30 minutes to one hour. Post-operative care is the same as for upper lids.

insuranceBecause many of the issues caused by aging eyelids create medical problems, your insurance may pay for the procedure. Our staff works with your carrier to make certain that all of the necessary testing and coordination is done properly, so you receive your appropriate benefits. In those cases where authorization is denied, we offer extremely reasonable private rates and access to payment plans.