General eye exams are important

General eye exams are important

General eye exams might not be something you think about if you don’t have any trouble with your vision. But, perfect vision shouldn’t keep you from taking care of your eyes. Your vision is too important.

It is important to have regular eye exams to ensure your eyes stay healthy and your vision remains clear.

Eye exams naples flMany eye conditions don’t give you much warning. You don’t find out there’s a problem until your vision is impacted. Regular visits to an ophthalmologist can help keep your eyes healthy or detect issues early. Diagnosing problems early can often be the key to preventing or slowing progression.

During an eye exam, the ophthalmologist does a series of tests to check your vision. These tests can be very simple such as reading an eye chart, or they can be more comprehensive such as using high-powered machines to see the tiny structures in your eye.

An ophthalmologist does multiple tests to check for multiple things. They will look at the shape, color and overall outer appearance of your eyes. Then look deeper into things such as movement, depth perception and retina appearance.

Eye exams can give insight into health problems

General eye exams can also be the reason you learn about other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Just as medical conditions can impact your vision, your eyes can provide an indication of health problem.

Being proactive about your eye health is important so don’t forget to schedule regular eye exams. Schedule an appointment to see Dr. Douglas Freeley at Naples Vision of Beauty. He’s accepting new patients and offers Saturday appointments.

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