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Naples Vision of Beauty is proud to announce we now offer Ophthalmology services. We even offer Saturday appointments! Not only can we bring out your inner beauty but also help you better see the beauty in the world around you.

Although we’ve been offering limited services while our founder, Dr. Douglas Freeley, transitioned from a successful New York practice to Naples, we are now offering a full range of services. We’ve also expanded our team to provide the expertise, quality and customer service you expect from Naples Vision of Beauty. We are accepting new patients. Call 239-777-6435 to schedule an appointment.

Our Ophthalmology services range from general eye exams to surgery. Here is some information about the services offered.

General eye exams

Our comprehensive eye exams evaluate the health of your eyes as well as the quality of your vision. We use visual acuity tests as well as high-tech equipment. We will look inside your eyes and check for any possible issues or eye conditions. We’ll discuss your eye health with you and you should also feel comfortable to ask questions or bring up concerns such as dry eyes or vision problems. We will determine the best prescription to help you see better.

It is important, especially as you get older, to have your eyes checked regularly. Scheduling a visit once a year is a good idea. Talk to your doctor about how often he thinks you need to set an appointment. Even if you have no issues with your vision, you want to make sure you maintain your eye health. We treat conditions such as dry eyes, excessive tearing, lid infections, floaters and baggy or droopy eye lids.

Glaucoma exams

As part of your exam, we will check you for glaucoma. Everyone is at risk for glaucoma although older people are at a higher risk. If your family has a history of glaucoma, you’ll want to schedule an appointment and discuss it with your doctor. Typically, there aren’t warning signs until you have significant vision loss.

More than 2.7 million Americans over 40 have glaucoma, but only half are aware of it, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. The Glaucoma Research Foundation reports that you’re six times more likely to get glaucoma if you’re over 60.

Plaquenil exams

Do you take the medication Plaquenil? If so, you should have regular exams and let your doctor know you take this prescription drug. This drug, often prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus, can damage the retina if used for a long period of time.

Diabetic retinopathy exams

Diabetic retinopathy is an eye condition that can cause vision loss and blindness in people who have diabetes. It affects blood vessels in the retina. Early symptoms include blurriness, dark areas of vision and floaters.

Upper and lower lid surgeries

If you have droopy eyelids or excess skin, it could be impacting your vision. We can tighten the skin around the eyes improving your line of sight and you get the added benefit of looking younger.

Laser treatments

We offer laser treatments for glaucoma. If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, we will discuss your options to see what treatment is best for you. We also offer laser treatments after cataracts have been removed.

Adult strabismus surgery

Are your eyes crossed or misaligned? If they are, you most likely have a condition called Strabismus. Adults can have this condition since birth, or they can develop it from an illness or injury. This surgery will restore binocular eyesight and expand your field of vision.

If you’re ready to schedule your next eye exam, contact Naples Vision of Beauty at 239-777-6435.

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