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facials, naples fl
Facials offer many benefits

Facials are not only incredibly relaxing, they also have multiple benefits for your skin. Just as there are many different skin types, there are many different types of facial, each with their own benefits.

Below we explore some popular facials and how they can specifically benefit your complexion.
Repechage classic European facial
Ideal for oily to combination skin types, this cleansing facial is infused with seaweed to unclog pores and…

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How young is too young for Botox? How old is too old?

The younger the better. The idea is to prevent wrinkles, not just repair them. We see people of all ages. In some cases, even teenagers may be showing lines on their forehead when talking and making facial expressions.

Botox and Dysport help prevent contraction of the muscles that form lines on the skin. These lines become noticeable at rest and more permanent as time goes on.

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s never too late. You…

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Beauty Tips

By Natalia Lazar



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